Mobile & Online Advertising - Some key tips for the new age marketer

Our lives spent on the internet are ever evolving! And there is data to support this.

According to #Google, #mobile #web #usage has increased and some two years back it overtook web usage through traditional computing. And there is more to this. Another research says that in 2019, more than half of the world’s population is set to be using the internet.  

Both the data combined and seen together suggest that while internet users will increase, those accessing the internet via their #handheld #devices will also increase. For #marketers, this means that in 2019, the strategy would be tap into the possibilities of #mobileadvertising #interface and #socialmedia. The effort should be stronger and better. Hence, #brand #visibility by way of #interactive #advertisement and #short #videos will make more sense than a billboard on a highway. Companies are increasingly spending on mobile ads and videos. As this grows, winning this competition would depend on the content quality and the message.

Some key takeaways for mobile advertising:

  • Making the #mobile #interface interactive is key to winning the game by bringing them back for more.

  • Be innovative, tweak your content to cater to different forms of mobile devices and social media platforms available today. Just because the traditional media advertising has been displaced, it doesn't mean we follow the same method of advertising as before. For ex: creating custom grid method to upload photos on Instagram, to make it more appealing to the follower.

  • Launch exclusive #promotional #offers for mobile users, as research shows online buyers make more purchases using mobile #shopping #apps, once you win their trust ofcourse.

  • Although we have seen an increase in the mobile users, you need to keep the visitors coming to your corporate website using a desktop. Hence keep some additional information for visitors logging on to your corporate website as an incentive. Maybe special discount promo codes or free white paper downloads.

  • #Google recently changed its #algorithm so that more mobile-friendly websites have priority placement for search queries made on mobile devices. Which means that companies without a mobile-friendly website risk losing valuable exposure on Google Inc.

  • #Smartphones are not only receivers but also transmitters of information.This means advertisers and marketers have the ability to be much more specific in their ad and marketing campaigns, and able to offer more relevant messages to different types of groups or individuals

The Bottom Line:

Growth in the online #advertising industry will continue alongside innovation. #Smartphone and various social media platforms will continue to grow and understanding how and when consumers are using them is crucial for companies’ ad and marketing campaigns. Sophistication, speed and relevance of ad and marketing campaigns will be significantly more important. If the competing brand can reach consumers with a relevant message at the precise moment when it is needed then they will have made that crucial first impression, and other brands will continually try to play catch up. As mobile devices become ubiquitous, local, real-time and precisely targeted advertising will become increasingly valuable for businesses.


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