Our information security solutions include an all-round protection from all kinds of external threats, which include viruses and malicious malware.

In any organization, information or data is the most important asset that must be protected and secured at all costs. In the times that we are living in, cyber-crimes including hacking and data leaks are rampant; and constantly threatening the data integrity of an organization. Companies today are going out of their way to incorporate strong and fool proof information security measures to secure data confidentiality and integrity.



Best Practices for Detecting & Mitigating Advanced Threats 2016 update:


Organizations should consider using Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to strip or neuter active content found in commonly used file types and documents.


As malware sandbox evasion techniques improve, the use of content disarm and reconstruction (CDR) at the email gateway as a supplement or alternative to sandboxing will increase.

OVUM Report

ReSec Rebuilds All Incoming Content to Disarm Malware June 2016

Here at Arges Global, we realize that there are threats lurking in every corner and strive to secure you from them. Our information security services would protect your systems and ensure that your data isn’t compromised.


Our services entail complete protection from malware and viruses which could affect your system. You must remember that viruses and malicious malware could hit you without you even realizing it. There are certain viruses that could make their way up to company databases and even access customer information.


Our services would be like a protective shield or wall around your data. We use only the top-notch technology and high-quality resources to ensure an all-round protection from all kinds of external threats.

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ReSec delivers peace of mind for owners and managers and empowers end-users to do what they need to do – open emails, download content from the web, and receive critical content from any source without fear that hidden malware will infiltrate and compromise the organization’s valuable data and assets – all without the holdups and delays created by bottlenecks and false positives typical of existing solutions.


ReSec provides the 360-degree security you need – total protection against all types of known and unknown malware threats including viruses, Trojans, ransomware and phishing, regardless of their delivery method or entry point, including email, web traffic, thumb drives, FTP, digital vaults and others.

ReSecure CDR technology by ReSec

Total Malware Prevention

ReSec processes all inbound content, analyzes the structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file based on the original format – isolating suspicious elements and guaranteeing all users receive clean and trusted files.

Seamless User Experience

ReSec solutions create a non-intrusive user experience with no latency during file transfer and no impact on network performance. Most of your employees will probably not even know it is there.

Rapid Deployment

ReSec solutions include smooth and rapid deployment, easy customization, seamless integration with existing infrastructure, in-house maintenance and a wide range of ongoing support packages.



Palo Alto’s pioneering Security Operating Platform safeguards your digital transformation with continuous innovation that combines the latest breakthroughs in security, automation, and analytics.


With a strong team to back you up, you will be able to deliver your products to the market sooner, thus enhancing customer experience


By speeding up the recruitment process, you get to focus on the bigger picture – generating revenue and earning profits.


Steered by a group of ex-CXOs with close to 500 years of cumulative experience, your peace of mind is assured


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